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Concrete structures bear various load capacities and types including shear, tensile, static, dynamic, and impact. Anchor selection should be based on these factors.

Anchors ensure secure fastening clamping to solid or hollow surfaces. There are two primary types of anchors: hollow wall and concrete and Aerosmith sells both. Threaded varieties cut into drywall, wood, and concrete while others are designed to expand as or after they are installed. Many terms are used from the generic term expansion anchor to more specific terminology. We offer a full range of both the hollow wall and concrete varieties. While many people use a specific brand name to refer to a generic anchor, please remember if your engineer specified a specific brand, that's what you must order.

Call us at 1-800-432-8979 or contact the Hardware Everywhere experts for help selecting the size and type of Aerosmith anchors you need for your specific application.

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