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Threaded into nuts or other pre-threaded openings, bolts hold two or more items together to prevent movement and/or vibration. More robust than screws, bolts can be reused as long as a previous application has not exceeded their yield points. Bolts come with many types of heads, Hex and Square being the most common. Other heads including round and penta are also available.

We can provide bolts to many standards, though IFI standards cover most products sold here in the USA. We have bolts in a wide variety of metals (steel, stainless, brass, bronze, and aluminum) and can get them in almost any alloy you want, just ask. Sizes from 1/4 through 1-1/2" diameter in stock in grades 2, 5, A325, A490, and 8 -- others are just days away.

Many bolts are available including hex bolts, carriage bolts, timber bolts, square bolts, machine bolts, elevator bolts, plow bolts, cap screws, lag bolts (lag screws), tap bolts, flange bolts, serrated flange bolts, t-slot bolts, center bolts, twelve-point bolts, J bolts, L bolts, anchor bolts, eye bolts, hanger bolts, draw bolts, and the ever-popular structural bolt.

Call 1-800-432-8979 or contact our experts for free bolt advice. We’ll make sure you order the right fasteners for your project.

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