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Metric Washers

We’ve got all your washer needs covered – flat, lock, and fender - not to mention spring, hardened, dock, star, and structural varieties. Washers ensure an even distribution of force and load on bolts and nuts while maintaining tension and alleviating friction. Available in many materials including various grades of steel, stainless, nylon brass, and bronze.

One common use of washers is to increase the bearing surface of the fastener head. Other times a washer is used to help lock a fastener in place. No matter what your need, we have you covered!

Why choose Hardware Everywhere?
Hardware Everywhere started out as a fastener distributor in Miami, Florida back in the 1950s. It served the local market as well as South America, Central America and the Caribbean. With constantly evolving technology and internet growth, we decided to embark on a new adventure by creating Hardware


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