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Toggler® is a brand of high-quality plastic anchors produced by Mechanical Plastics. The three we have on offer here are the butterfly type (Toggler®), the alligator type (like those conical anchors but on steroids), and the strap type (SnapToggler®). There are many names used for these anchors, but nobody makes them as good as Mechanical Plastics, because it's all in the plastics. One of the key elements to a good anchor is virgin plastic. While we're certainly a proponent of recycling, recycled plastics degrade much more quickly than virgin plastics and become brittle. So be sure to ask for these by brand name!

Why choose Hardware Everywhere?
Hardware Everywhere started out as a fastener distributor in Miami, Florida back in the 1950s. It served the local market as well as South America, Central America and the Caribbean. With constantly evolving technology and internet growth, we decided to embark on a new adventure by creating Hardware


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